Bild: Lars Bech


Es ist schon etwas Zeit vergangen, seit wir „Horizons“, die aktuelle Platte der dänisch-schwedischen Band Black Light White Light unter die Lupe genommen haben. Wer es bisher nicht geschafft hat, das Ding anzutesten, sollte sich nun ein Herz fassen. Schließlich kommt die Band im Oktober für fünf Konzerte nach Deutschland. Wenn das mal kein Grund ist, mit Sänger und Gitarrist Martin Ejlertsen ein paar Worte zu wechseln.


Hey! Although some of our followers should have read the review of your recent album: Wanna introduce yourself?

Hey good readers and music lovers. We are a psychedelic rock band partly from Denmark and Sweden mixing the best of last 4 decades in 20th century into our style of music. Heavily influenced in music and mind by the 60’s psych English and American bands who changed the music scene and influenced a new spirit in society. On our new album Horizons we also use elements of shoegaze as in the good old 1990s as well swirling keyboard and synths from the 70s and 80s kraut and electronic scene. I’m sure it’ll make sense if you listen, so go check it out now if you haven’t already. Hope you dig it.


What can we expect from your upcoming tour?

Pretty much a new live band – 2 guys from Denmark and 2 from Sweden. As the album is pretty much only me, the drummer Viktor and a producer, the four of us started playing together earlier this year as a live band and we are really keen on getting on the road to present the music and can’t wait to play in Germany. We have heard many good things about the German audience, so our expectations are high. We’ll focus the live set on the new songs from Horizons with a few surprises along the way.  Let’s see what happens.


Main influences on your sound or any bands you would recommend?

As described in the introduction our influences are pretty much all over the musical map. The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Tame Impala are definitely two bands hard to avoid when we are talking psychedelic rock revival and development. For me The Soundtrack Of Our Lives from Sweden too. I also really dig Morgan Delt. He has such a cool and different album production and a great live band to watch. When recording Horizons I listened a lot to Serge Gainsbourg. What a musical treasure with so much to pick up and learn. And French band Air too – an old favorite. Those keyboards. But also Pink Floyd, Donovan, The Doors, West Coast Pop Art Experimental, NEU! Damien Jurado is a new favorite of mine. Especially his newer albums. Folky and psychedelic music with great melodies. Wonderful and heartfelt songs. Some years back I found this record BFI by The Dragons, which was so inspiring. Both the music and the story behind. Spacey, weird, funky psych music recorded in the late sixties, but since they lacked of a hit no label wanted to release the album and the band quit and it wasn’t released until I think 2007 when the old master tapes were found and this gem kind of a lost classic finally released. Meanwhile the musicians in the band became The Beach Boys’ backing band by the way.


Any plans after your tour?

We play this cool, hyped festival Sort Firkant in Copenhagen in November with artist like Lee Renaldo, Snail Mail, Nothing and The KVB. Should be fun. We plan to return to Germany again and also do some more touring around Europe next year. It’s in the planning. Eventually we’ll record some more I guess.


Stagedives or pit action?

If I’d really had to choose then stagedive. But please, none of these. I’d prefer groovy dancing at a Black Light White Light live show. Seems like people has forgotten to dance to rock concerts like they did in the 60s. So, let’s dance.



24.10.   Leipzig – KulturLounge

25.10.   Dresden – Rosis Amüsierkokal

26.10.   Buxtehude – The Rebel’s Choice – Irish Pub

27.10.   Karstädt – MoorScheune Boberow

28.10.   Berlin – Hangar 49